Vista Bliss for w810i

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  1. asimo™

    asimo™ V.I.P Member

    Here it is everybody,Vista Bliss [hw]w810[/hw] walkman skin.
    Equalizer icon in four styles(Three of them are almost
    identical,just the difference in borders).
    Two volume indicator colors to suit your taste.

    Please rate me if you like my effort.
    Please comment 'cause this 'll make my work better,encourage
    me and ofcourse I'll know my mistakes.

    "Special Thanks to DestEX who pointed towards an improvement
    in Equalizer icon".

    ATTENTION ! Updated package,Correct two bugs as described below:

    1.When you receive a call and you adjust volume,a speaker icon overlaps with the text "VOL" on volume indication BAR.
    2.Minimized walkman icon wasn't tested on bright backgrounds,it was poor on such backgrounds.So I've replaced it with a simple icon.

    PLEASE....Give your feedback if you find such a bug.


    phdanhlc, cachoncachuazorrohk thích bài này.

  2. zorrohk

    zorrohk SECafe Level 2

    Cài làm sao đây,hướng dẫn cụ thể đi Asimo
  3. tuanminh1912

    tuanminh1912 SECafe Level 1

    Không hiểu cài như thế nào cả, bác chủ thớt hướng dẫn hộ cái :)
  4. k002

    k002 SECafe Level 1

    cũng cùng thắc mắc.................
  5. mr_lonely

    mr_lonely SECafe Level 2

    post 1 bài xong đem để đấy, chẳng đầu chẳng đuôi gì hết

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